Fine Wood Craft has been in business for more than 18 years, and in that time we have had many an accolade. We share some of them with you.

“Being in the funeral industry, our requirements are unique. It is not often that we find a supplier that will supply small quantities of a product, or be prepared to make unique products on short order. We have been able to rely on Fine Wood Craft for all our unusual wooden requirements, from crosses, urns and plaques to travel caskets. Our industry is by its very nature time-restricted, and we often have to have our order within two or three days. Fine Wood Craft has never let us down!” – Barry, Funeral Parlour Owner

“We are a major supplier of trophies nationwide. We have been purchasing our trophy bases from Fine Wood Craft since they opened their doors. As trophy designs have changed over the years, they have kept up with the changes in tastes and designs, and have consistently been able to supply quality products at a reasonable price. With the advent of newer technologies like laser engraving, they have kept up trends by developing modern designs for awards and trophies. The fact that they can spray paint SupaWood to look like any solid wood product is also a great plus. The lower-end trophy bracket benefits by being able to deliver a product that looks far more expensive than what it is.” – Cheryl, Manager of a Trophy Wholesaler

“As a high-end retailer of jewelry and perfume and other luxury items, we are focused on enhancing the perceived value of our products at the point of display. Any item that is displayed in a superior display cabinet immediately “looks” more expensive and desirable, and the sale is made because the real cost is to the consumer less than the perceived value; hence something “expensive” becomes “value for money”. Our entire industry is driven on perceived value, and well-designed and well-crafted point of display units sets the tone for an entire shop. We have also had to recently secure our display items from shoplifters, and the challenge has been to not detract from the visual experience of our products. Fine Wood Craft has succeeded in designing units that are not only visually appealing and enhance our products, but are also completely secure using wood, perspex and glass on occasion. We use them for each new shop we open.” – Cassandra, Retail Consultant

“Honouring soldiers for bravery and other exceptional achievements is one of the few times where the display of military might can be augmented with pomp and circumstance. Such rarefied occasions needs to reflect the grandeur of the occasion long after the parade has been dismissed. Medals are awarded to the heroes amongst us, and not only must the medal be worthy of the heroic act, but the presentation of the medal must complete the legacy. We depend on Fine Wood Craft to make medal and other presentation cases that are worthy of the contents and the recipient.” – Cnl Wright, SANDF

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