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Welcome to Fine Wood Craft. We pride ourselves on providing superior service, and a superior product.

While we specialise in supplying bases and plaques to the trophy industry, made from SupaWood and spray-painted to client specifications, or any solid wood of your choice. We will make bases/plaques in any size; feel free to contact us for a quote.

Besides our huge selection of trophy bases and plaques, we also make high-end Point of Sale Display units out of wood for the jewelry and cosmetic industries. We combine wood with glass/perspex/metal for a superior quality items that will enhance the impression that the product to be sold makes on a potential buyer.

In addition to these products, we will make any product to order, using any type of wood you choose. Let us have a detailed isometric drawing (or even just a rough sketch with measurements) and we will gladly furnish you with a quote. Use the “Contact Us” link to upload your to-scale drawing if you have it in electronic format.

We look forward to being of service to you!

Our newest range of products is featured below – the Van Der West Butcher Blocks and Cutting Boards.

Reversible end grain cutting boards

There is not much that compares to end grain cutting boards on the market for durability and regular use. They are the preferred working surfaces of international chefs like Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsey, both expounding the value of a true end grain cutting board.

The end grain cutting boards are all custom made from indigenous rare woods and will complement your kitchen perfectly. Our end grain cutting boards are clearly marked with our logo ensuring that it is a genuine “Van der West” cutting board. An  end grain cutting board  has a much harder surface  and gives a truly resistant cutting surface, and ensuring your knife stays sharper for longer.

The size and weight of our end grain cutting boards make it the perfect working space for all your chopping and cutting while your cutting boards stays perfectly still.  Old fashioned butcher blocks and cutting boards were always end grain design.  Our end grain cutting boards do not show any knife marks on the boards.

A genuine “van der West” cutting board is manufactured from finely selected rare woods. We cut  individual pieces of wood from timber sections and then assemble them ensuring that the grain runs vertically.  In practice this means that the cutting surface is actually the end of many individual pieces of indigenous rare woods.

Using the end grain as the exposed surface minimizes marking of the board (and creating the subsequent space for germs), and protects you knife edges’ as well, as you are essentially cutting “between” the fibers of the wood which promotes the board to “self-heal”, as hardwood’s natural tendency is to close the gaps between the fiber.

Standard Cutting board dimensions

  • Surface size 340mm x 460mm
  • Block thickness 85mm

 Standard Cutting block dimensions

  •  Surface size 300mm x 500mm
  • Height 935mm
  • Block thickness 290mm


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